NewHexLoad is the program we use to field-update USB Hardware Controller 3-based systems. I've just added some new features:

  1. It now finds the COM port itself. All you have to do is have the HWC3 turned on and plugged in with the jumper in place.
  2. It can now address COM ports above COM9. In fact it will address any COM port up to COM256. If you find one higher than that, I don't want to know about it.
  3. If there's an error it will pause and wait for a key before exiting so you can see what the error was. It used to just close the window and leave you scratching your head.
  4. It now has a version number that gets displayed any time it's run. Just run with no parameters to get the version number and a brief help menu.

I've modified all the sample batch files to not include a COM port. Upgrading in the field should now be much simpler.

There are also instructions for the installation available here.