RIC-8 Bezels

As of July, 2010 we have been shipping add-on bezels for the MFD that have RIC-8 functionality built-in. All bezels use the same firmware regardless of arrangement — unused controls simply get ignored. The Bezel version is based on the New Metal version, but has some differences:
  • Version numbers start at 3.00.
  • There are no lights at all.
  • The A/S and Artificial Horizon Adjustment (third knob from the right) controls have been removed.
  • The CRS/DG and OBS1/OBS2 controls have been split into separate controls.
  • The CRS control can be configured to send CRS, DG, or the old RIC-6 combined CRS/DG message.
  • The bootloader function is invoked by holding HDG and BARO knobs down for 6 seconds instead of A/S and Artificial Horizon Adjustment. All bezels will have the HDG and BARO controls; others may vary.
  • The RMI buttons have been changed to toggle switches.

Right-click and select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (FireFox) to download either of these files. Otherwise your browser will probably just display the raw contents. Your browser may try to save it as a text file, if so you'll have to rename it.
Bonus links:

Updating the RIC-8

Get the Required Files

The Cypress Loader allows you to update certain Cypress-based PFC USB devices.

Get the Loader

Get the Driver

  • Download both these files and put them in the same directory together (may be the same directory as above):

Get the RIC Firmware

Now download the DLD file and save to a convenient location.

Put the RIC into bootloader mode

It's simple.
  1. Plug the RIC into the computer with the USB cable.
  2. Optional: run the Cypress Loader. It will report "No device detected" in red at the bottom left. Leave it running.
  3. Press and hold both the HDG and BARO buttons simultaneously for at least 6 seconds.

If this is the first time you've run the bootloader on this computer it will want you to install the drivers (see this page). If the driver is already installed the Cypress Loader will now report "PSoC USB Bootloader detected" in green. If you have sound you should hear the USB "disconnect" sound followed quickly by the USB "connect" sound, though sometimes the computer falls behind and you'll only hear one sound or the other.

If this works, the rest of these instructions are on the Cypress Loader page. Click here to continue.

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