PFC 430 LCD Stand-Alone

This is a GPS that simulates a Garmin GNS 430W.

It consists of standard GNS 430 controls and a monitor and requires external software to operate. As of this writing we are offering RealityXP to drive the operation.

For the PFC 430 LCD and PFC 530

This new code supports legacy 530 hardware and future upgrades, as well as the new PFC 430 LCD. The PFC 430 LCD is functionally identical with the PFC 530 except for the absence of a VNAV button, so we made the hardware mutually compatible; as a result they use the same firmware.

Configurable Options

OptionDefaultAvailable SettingsDescription
Backlight LED Control ModeCurrent ControlPWM Control, Current Control, Rev C HardwareThis setting is for the 530 and does not affect 430 operation.
Device Selector00, 1


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