On-Board Slave

This is a Microchip 16F737 part installed on the Hardware Controller 3 in a socket (marked U10).

HWC3_640x.PNG (10.02 Kb)

This part cannot be field-reprogrammed without special tools, but it can be replaced by a skilled technician.

This part may be marked in any number of ways and may or may not include a version number. There is no reliable way to check the OB Slave firmware version in the field if the version number is not marked. However:
  • "HW3" usually means it is a pre-3.0 version unless it has a version number.
  • "AVI" was used for a while for v3.5 on Avionics motherboards despite the fact that the firmware is not Avionics-specific.
  • "OB" has recently been used, usually along with a version number. Chances are it's v3.5 or newer.

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