Modular Flight Deck

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MFD and Desktop MFD

The MFD is a full-sized, general-purpose simulator with a built-in avionics stack. The Desktop MFD is a desktop version of the MFD, otherwise identical.

MFD 2013

As of October, 2013 the MFD no longer uses a central hardware controller; all panels are independent. The console consists of three independent parts: Fuel Select (which also handles the Cowl Flaps levers and all console lighting), Elevator Trim, and Throttle Quadrant (which also handles the TO/GA, Carb Heat switches, Rudder Trim and Aileron Trim). The yokes switches are handled by independent boards, and the pitch and roll by the pilot's yoke board if the MFD does not include control loading. It also now uses the new RIC-10 instead of the RIC-8.

MFD 2012

As of April, 2012 we are no longer developing separate versions of the firmware for the various hardware configurations. Instead we have developed firmware that combines all the features of all previous shipped hardware configurations, selectable via the Calibration Utility.

MFD 2010

This is an MFD model we started shipping in September, 2010 that includes an independent USB console (throttle quadrant, electric trim, and so on) and all USB sub-panels in the main panel.

The Hardware Controller 3 has been moved down from the main chassis to the back of the console. Unlike the older MFD versions it only handles the controls built into the console plus the yoke switches and rudder pedals. It has a new Fuel Select Panel that includes an emergency gear extension switch, and includes the new electric trim with an LED bar graph indicator. All other controls are handled by separate USB mini controller boards, including the pitch and roll.

MFD pre-2010

This amounts to a converted serial MFD, optionally with independent master panels.

MFD and Panels