General Simulator G1K GMA 1347 Audio Panel

The General Simulator G1K GMA is a Garmin GMA 1347 Audio Panel simulator. The hardware and firmware are made by General Simulator using PFC's communications protocol. The firmware does not emulate the GMA 1347 directly; it merely sends messages to simulation software regarding the controls (knobs and buttons).

Configurable Options

OptionDefaultAvailable SettingsDescription
Backlight Channelnone0-7Allows various types of control of the button brightness.


Firmware is provided by General Simulator. Note: we recommend you update your firmware only under the direction of PFC tech support.

To update, download G.S1000 and extract to C:\PFC UTILS. Download the desired binary file and follow the instructions in C:\PFC UTILS\G.S1000 Update\readme.txt.
For the binary files, see the Output file directory (look for .wwt files) or the Changelog.

Note: we have noticed a tendency for the update utility to crash; it appears to be more stable if you plug the panel directly into the computer (rather than into a USB hub). Your mileage may vary.

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