G1000 "Mini" Desktop Cessna

The G1000 Desktop Cessna is a desktop unit outfitted like a Cessna 172 or 182 cockpit with a pair of Garmin G1000 panels and a single Hardware Controller 3.

As of September, 2010 we have wired in the ARTEX-ELT switch, the standby battery switch and test light, and we've re-wired the G1000 power to be software controllable.
  • Chances are if your unit was sold in September 2010 or later it will have the new elevator trim with the LED indicator. Older units will have the mechanical indicator.
  • Without running X-Plane (shut it down if it's running) turn the standby battery to "Test". If the test light turns on, it's wired directly to the switch; this model is from before September 2010. If the test light does not turn on it's probably a newer unit. (Unless the light is burned out.)
  • You can also bring up the test GUI and try the ARTEX-ELT switch, the standby battery switch, and try to control power for the PFD and MFD G1000 panels. If they work it's the newer version; if not, it's an older version.

It is possible to upgrade older units, but may be fairly pricey and will require shipping the unit back to the factory. Please contact sales for details.