C2 Professional (with 32K processor, starting Apr 2009)

The C2 Professional is a general-purpose desktop unit with a single Hardware Controller 3.
This page is for the USB version with a 32K processor. If you have a 24K processor, click here. This page includes instructions on how to check your processor version.

  • Hex File Utility Put this executable somewhere in your path, or in the same directory as the batch file.
  • HWC3_Upgrade Here's how to upgrade to the latest USB code.

Please contact technical support before using these files. If you have a serial unit you cannot use this to upgrade your system to USB. Please contact sales or support for more information.
Right-click and select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (FireFox) to download the Hex file. Otherwise your browser will probably just display the raw contents. Your browser may try to save it as a text file. More later.
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Until April, 2009 we had been using a processor with 24K of ROM. After that we've needed more ROM so we upgraded to a 32K part. Some older units may still use the smaller part.

As of February, 2010 we started shipping a new model with Carb Heat switches on either side of the throttle quadrant. Until September we supported two firmware versions, both of which required 32K parts. In September 2010 however we were able to combine the two via a configuration setting. At that time we made a stripped-down version that does not support the new LED-display elevator trim, but will fit into a 24K part.

If we upgrade a serial unit to USB we will install a 32K processor. If we upgrade a unit to use the new elevator trim we will install a new processor if necessary. (Since only USB units can use the new elevator trim, upgrading a serial unit will also necessitate an upgrade to USB.)

Chances are that a USB unit has the newer processor. This page includes instructions on how to check your processor version. This page tells you how to tell if you have a serial unit or a newer USB unit.

C2 Professional and Panels